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Frequently asked questions

How customisable it is?

You can customize anything you want! Colors, font, paragraphs, headings, images, videos.... If you prefer icons somewhere on the page instead of an image, you can edit that too! Header and footer are INCREDIBLE and there are a lot of options for your content. For example, you can set up different styles for header on the home page and inner pages, how AWESOME is that! Modules and templates are fully flexible.

Do you provide support?

Yes absolutely, you can ask a question at any time and we will answer you as soon as possible. You can reach us via email and chat. In the documentation you will find explanation about everything in the theme so you will not have worries at all!

What is all included in for the price I would pay for ProX?

You get everything you need to build a beautiful, powerful and flexible website. That means a lot of templates for creating web pages. You will get many versions for homepage, landing pages and internal pages.  And of course, ProX includes a whole package of system page templates, a tons of modules and great documentation about every option in the theme.There is NO headache around building a website with ProX theme!

Can this theme be used for all types of industry?

Yes, absolutely! Because we want you to ENJOY using this theme, ProX is made to suit every type of industry and company size and the design is FULLY  customizable to your content.

What is your refund policy?

If you didn't happy with your purchase within a month, you will get your money back. No hassle, no questions! Buut, we must say that you're gonna be 100% SATISFIED with ProX!

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